Because only a premium or giveaway is not enough, we’ve created
Instant Loyalty Premiums.
We approach everything from a creative perspective with
customer loyalty as starting point.
During the development of new products we always keep the brand,
budget and target audience in mind.
It’s about people and ideas!

“Creativity is just connecting things”

– Steve Jobs –


We are always busy working on THE idea, this happens
spontaneously and/or through research.
A good idea doesn’t just appear out of the blue.
That is our job and in our DNA!
Great ideas have an allure or an attraction that pulls people towards them.


Instant Loyalty Premiums attract the attention and provide an incentive to potential buyers, they will therefore proceed to purchase YOUR product.
Humans are hard-wired to focus on the novel, unique and original.
The use of Instant Loyalty Premiums will promote: customer loyalty,
new customers, brand engagement, brand awareness, customer experience
and a sales boost! 


We don’t come up with just a product, we are able to drop a whole concept.
We are aware of the latest trends and innovations by
trend watching & visiting fairs in Europe and Asia.
We regularly organize brainstorming sessions, which we do with
professional people with creative minds.


CREATINQ has a good network of manufacturers in Europe and Asia.
We find it important that our manufacturers produce in a fair and ethical manner.
We have respect for the interest of all stakeholders.
CREATINQ commits itself to the code of conduct of the
Platform Promotional Products.


Our instant loyalty premiums will ensure a successful campaign resulting
in new customers, product awareness, rebuy, top-of-mind awareness
and last but not least a sales uplift!